Effort requires no talent- unknown
The greatest thing created by a government handout is a line - JNF
Creative genius is not a copy - JNF
There are those too good to do the dirty work, and those too good not to do it - JNF
The cost of a broken promise far exceeds the price of keeping it - JNF
I am....My fault - JNF
Don't let the pursuit of perfection block the acceptance of good - JNF
Knowledge increases as it is shared - unknown
Hope is not a strategy- unknown
Believing you can succeed is confidence, believing you can't fail is arrogance - JNF
Freedom is fragile, rare, & needs to be protected- Ronald Reagan 1989
The shortest distance between two points is a CRASH! - JNF
The trouble with compassion is that it often falls prey to greed - JNF
"Hey daddy. I can't do nothin. If I stand, I'm standin. If I sit, I'm sittin". - WDF